Lake Tax & Multi-Services, Llc

Lake Tax & Multi-Services aims to provide top quality Tax and Financial services with the utmost professionalism and care.

Company Overview

Established on May 13, 2011, Lake Tax & Multi-Services, Llc has been a one-woman show, spearheaded by Suemay Tineo-Lake. Suemay is a prominent Tax and Business Consultant, based out of New York. She specializes in Tax Preparation and Credit Repair and serves as a Licensed Notary Public. She also holds the license as a Life Insurance Agent in the States of New York.

Suemay has been helping her friends and family with their tax preparation since 2005. It was in 2009 that Suemay researched and studied the FCRA and FCDPA for the purpose of cleaning her and her husband’s credit in order to purchase a home.  In 2011, with the encouragement and support of her husband, Suemay became a Tax Preparation Professional by starting her own business. She started a company that will focus on treating customers like family and help them get the best financial services in the industry.

Lake Tax & Multi-Services, Llc aims to provide top quality financial services that will not put huge dents in your wallet, with professionalism and care.

Our Mission

We want to equip and empower our communities with the much needed financial education and services. We want to create such an impact in financial growth and knowledge so strong enough… that it will continue to help generations to come.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Financial Regulation

We respect the integrity of financial systems and follow all necessary protocols to regulate and supervise our departments to fulfill necessary requirements.

We're Reliable

When our customers contact us, they know they’re reaching out to someone who will give a personalized, satisfying consultancy. Yes, you can rely on us!

We're Safe

The objective is simple – provide consumer protection at any cost. We understand that in our nature of work, trust is everything.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support staff will make you feel at home. Your problem will be our problem and together, we’ll work towards a brighter, financially secure future for you.

Looking for a First-Class Tax Prep Consultant?