General Engagement Letter for Tax Return Preparation

Tax Preparation

a) We will prepare your federal and state tax return(s) with supporting schedules for the applicable tax year based on
information you provide us.
b) You will provide any requested records needed in order to complete the tax return(s) preparation.
c) We will not audit or otherwise verify your records to discover errors or omissions, should any exist. However, if we find
irregularities or unusual items, we will bring them to your attention and/or ask for clarification.
d) We will provide bookkeeping assistance necessary to complete the tax preparation at an additional charge.
e) You attest that income and expense items you claim are substantiated by proper records and receipts, and can furnish such
documentation in the event of an audit.
f) You attest that the information you provide is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.
g) You are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the tax return(s) and should review all documents carefully before

Important Notices

a) Where tax law is ambiguous or unclear, we will use our best judgment. Unless otherwise instructed by you, we will resolve
such questions, when possible, in your favor.
b) Penalties can be imposed when taxpayers understate their tax liability. If you would like information on these penalties,
please contact us.
c) If an extension of time is required, any estimated taxes owed must be paid when the extension is filed. Any amounts not
paid by the filing deadline are subject to interest and late payment penalties.
d) The IRS does not permit us to discuss your tax return except if authorized by the client by checking a specific box on your
tax return. Unless otherwise instructed by you, we will check the box which authorizes the IRS to discuss your tax return
with us.
e) Your tax return(s) may be selected for audit by tax authorities. We are available to prepare materials in response to
correspondence. However, these are additional expenses not included in our tax preparation fees and we will render
additional invoices for the time and expenses incurred.

Documents Needed To Complete Your Return

(Collect the documents that apply to your situation)

  • Two Previous Years Of Tax Returns (Needed From New Clients Only)
  • Social Security Card(s)
  • Valid Driver’s License/ State ID (Need a picture image of Front and Back of the ID)
  • Dependents’ Social Security Numbers & Dates of Birth
  • Federal and State Tax Wage Statements (W-2, 1099)
  • Health Care
  • Pension or Retirement Income
  • Interest and Dividend Income
  • State Income Tax Refund
  • Social Security Unemployment
  • Commissions Received/Paid
  • Sales of Stocks or Bonds
  • Self-Employed Business Income & Expenses
  • Income and Expenses from Rentals
  • Lottery or Gambling Winnings
  • Lottery or Gambling Losses
  • Income from Partnerships, S Corporations, Trusts, and Estates
  • IRA Contributions
  • Alimony Paid or Received
  • Child Care Expenses and Provider
  • Medical, Eye Care, and Dental Expenses
  • Cash and Noncash Charitable Donations
  • Record of Purchase or Sale of Residence
  • Mortgage or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Paid
  • State or Local Sales Taxes Paid
  • Un-reimbursed Employment-Related Expenses
  • Job-Related Educational Expenses
  • Tuition and Education Fees
  • Student Loan Interest
  • Casualty or Theft Losses
  • Estimated Taxes
  • Foreign Taxes Paid